“A good text book.
I’ll be recommending it to my pupils. Good for independent learning too.”
Dr T Munford.

Chinese script, the simplified version no less than the traditional, has a widespread reputation for being fiendishly complex. A fresh new English student of Chinese, about to start his studies, was once told: so you want to learn Chinese, well the script is difficult – and it gets harder.
Well now, step into the Chinese Classroom, Book 2 and enjoy a gentle yet thorough introduction to this amazing and totally different form of written communication.
320 pages
full colour
sewn paperback
ISBN 978-1-904737-148

The Chinese Classroom, Book 2, is made up of

  • short lessons introducing a group of characters
  • exercises using these characters (with answers)
  • puzzles
  • cartoons
  • exercises built around photos of Chinese signs

Some key features of The Chinese Classroom 2

Listen to the key Chinese words being spoken and download vocabulary files.
  • Character building – for the first block of lessons you will be given some character building exercises.


  • Exercises – you’ll be encouraged to say the exercises out loud (this helps you remember).


  • Puzzles – character recognition is the main focus of the book and is reinforced by puzzles.


  • Cartoons – you’re only halfway through the book and you can already figure this out!


  • On the street – in no time you can start finding your way around.


  • 400 characters and 500 ‘words’ – by the time you reach the end of the book you will have a Chinese vocabulary of some 500 words and will have mastered some 400 individual simplified characters or hanzi. And all of these are brought together in a glossary of characters used in the book.