Gaelic learners have a choice of books from Lexus.

Maggie Midge started it all off. You can read about her all in English and you can pick up some basic Gaelic words and phrases as you go. The Scottish Folk Tales are in two languages too; read them in English and learn some Gaelic along the way. And then Gaelic Gold is our best-selling learner’s dictionary, packed full of phrases and with a full and easy-to-use pronunciation guide. Gaelic Gold Gaelic-English Decoder complements Gaelic Gold, and helps the native English speaker to understand Gaelic, including many modern words and phrases. Mess on the Floor has a QR code so that children can listen to the Gaelic while looking at the pictures. The colouring books with Gaelic, Inbhir Nis and Dùn Èideann, have fun and quirky Gaelic texts and lots of pictures for children (or adults) to colour in.

Gaelic Gold
Gaelic Gold Decoder
Gaelic Gold Decoder
Colouring books with Gaelic
Scottish Folk Tales
Maggie Midge
Mess on the Floor Cross over into Gaelic