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What languages? The quoting process

What languages do we translate out of and into? We do not claim that we translate out of or into any language in the world. There are over 5000 languages on this planet, some at risk of extinction, some without any real demand for translation work and some with only a handful of active speakers left. And being a native speaker is not the same thing as being a translator. What we can say is that we have not yet been unable to translate out of or into a language for which translation work has been requested.

Pricing of translation work depends on two main factors: the length of the text to be translated and the language combination. The type of text is also a consideration. And, of course, the timescale which can be allowed for the work to be done. The quickest and easiest way to get a price for translation is to send us the source text, or a representative sample of it. We do not offer a scale of prices for, say, rough or fuzzy translation/edited translation/highly polished translation. We offer just one standard for work done by human translators.