It’s probably a long time since you were sitting in a classroom learning a language! If you’re struggling with helping your children to keep up with their language learning, you’ll find some of our books a valuable resource. They are used by teachers in the classroom, but are equally suited to home use.

Mess on the Floor introduces language awareness to children – follow the adventures of Puss as she discovers the source of the sticky mess on the floor and read the rhyming story in English and French. Particularly useful for home learners (and their parents) is the free access to audio for the whole story. Mess on the Floor is also available in English and Spanish and English and German.

Another book to help young learners with French is Colour My Zoo – they can enjoy learning the French for animals and colours and have fun colouring in the beautiful illustrations – a great way to break language learning down into managable chunks and combine it with a creative activity. There’s also free access to audio of the French on our website.

For more advanced learners Quatre contes populaires écossais introduces four Scottish folktales, fully illustrated in colour, and with the stories in both English and French.

Me and My Mobile presents three slightly surreal stories about our relationship with mobile phones – they are fully illustrated and cleverly combine English and French in rhymes, a great help with pronunciation. This book is suitable to intermediate to advanced learners.

If you are homeschooling your child in Scottish Gaelic, we have a wonderful collection of books which will make learning fun. The Gaelic edition of Mess on the Floor again combines English and Gaelic in rhyming text, with free access to the audio version.

Enter the itchy world of Maggie Midge, one of Scotland’s most famous inhabitants. Fully illustrated in colour, these four books are great to motivate children in the early stages of learning Gaelic. The funny situations and beautiful illustrations will appeal to children and free access to the audio ensures that children hear and learn the correct pronunciation.

We have four Scottish Folktales, published separately, which can be read in English but also have parts in Gaelic. They are traditional stories, like The Selkie and Musical-Mouth, which have been retold and fully illustrated in colour. Access the audio for free too.

As an introduction to Gaelic our Round the Glasgow Underground colouring book is a great starting point. Children will enjoy colouring in the pictures, learning about the different areas of Scotland’s biggest city, and picking up a little Gaelic as they go.

Gaelic Gold is our best-selling English-Gaelic dictionary. Clearly laid out in two colours, it is packed with phrases, language notes and sample dialogues. These plus the easy-to-use pronunciation guide will be a huge help for any home learner of Gaelic.

Contact us directly at Lexus by emailing us on or by calling 0141 556 0440. We’ll not charge anything for postage. Or order online from bookshops.