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As part of the translation process, translated texts are given an editorial pass by a second translator or editor. Depending on circumstances, this second translator or editor may be a native speaker of either the source or the target language. Comments, questions and suggestions coming from this editorial pass are then fed back to the first translator and resolved. The translation manager coordinates this process.

Lexus Translations also undertakes editing of existing texts. The majority of this type of work involves texts written in English by non-native speakers of English which, prior to publication in print or online, need the input of a native speaker of English.

We can also offer to edit or assess existing translated texts.

There is a further type of editing that can arise in the course of translation work, particularly in the course of the managed checking of translations. Because a translation pass on a document necessarily involves a very close read of the source text, any residual typos or inconsistencies or other errors in the source text are very likely to be noticed by either the translator or the translation editor or both. This information is fed back to the customer. For example, a wrong name in a legal document could have significant and costly consequences.