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The translation process

All translations are carried out by native speakers of the respective target languages who are working as professional translators and who have been tried and tested by Lexus Translations. Some of our translators are based in Scotland or the UK, others work from other parts of the world. All translators translate into their mother tongue. This is a basic but important point worth stressing. Knowledge of a foreign language is not in itself a sufficient qualification for translating into it. For Lexus Translations a translator has to be a native speaker and a linguist.

When a text comes in for translation, the whole translation process is managed by a linguist. This involves assessment of the source language text which is to be translated, selection of the best translator for the particular job, quoting, agreeing a timescale for delivery, dealing with queries that the translator may have, liaising as necessary with the person placing the translation work on points of detail or special requirements, supervising the typesetting if this is part of the job, ensuring that the translated text is adequately checked and that, if there are proofs, that these are properly checked up until sign-off.