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Typesetting or DTP

If the layout and appearance of your translated text is important we can offer a typesetting service. Your files can be laid out and designed in InDesign with artwork added to your specifications.

If you do your own typesetting, if you are a designer or design company, then we can import a translated text into your own InDesign template, matching the text styles and formatting and crucially ensuring that the foreign-language text is laid out correctly with all accents in place and line breaks present and correct.

If you import the foreign-language texts into your design and page make-up software yourself, then we can offer a proofreading service to ensure that the final product is ready to go.

Some languages such as Arabic or Urdu are right-to-left reading languages. This can cause special issues when text is being laid out, particularly when a right-to-left reading language is combined, as often happens, with English words or names that are left-to-right reading. We have experience and expertise in this area.