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Translations Glasgow

Lexus Translations Ltd is a translation company and not a translation agency, the difference being that we do not just act as agents in order to get translations done. We are ourselves translators; and work with a network of translators.

We are not interpreters. Interpreting requires a very different set of skills. We work with the written word. But transcribing the spoken word for subtitles is included in the work we do.

Lexus Translations is based in Glasgow. We supply translations to customers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, all over Scotland, the rest of the UK and in Europe.

Here are some of the types of text that we typically translate:

food labels
industrial plant
machine parts
legal documents
legal texts for sheriffs
legal texts for court cases
legal texts for insurance claims
cities and their venues
monuments and their history
medieval archaeology
display panels for overseas exhibitions
museum guides
business cards in a foreign language
how the Scottish Parliament works
new export initiatives
personal documents for private individuals