Interactive CD-ROM
ISBN 978-1-904737-186
Needs — a PC with a CD-ROM drive, speakers, a microphone, any version of Windows® from 2000 up
With Read, listen and speak you can:

  • learn to read just over 800 Chinese characters
  • learn how to pronounce Chinese
  • have your Chinese speaking assessed

You can do this at any one of three graded levels of vocabulary learning.

At each of these levels you can:

Select a vocabulary topic to study (all relevant to GCSE)

  • A Level 1 screen with pinyin on.

website screens_Page_1

  • The same vocabulary topic section now at Level 2 and with pinyin off.

website screens_Page_2

Test your vocabulary learning skills in two directions: English to Chinese or Chinese to English

  • English-Chinese – multiple choice questions to build vocabulary and develop character reading skills. Here with pinyin on.

website screens_Page_3

  • Chinese-English – more multiple choice questions, this time from Chinese to English and with pinyin now set off.

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Listen to the Chinese being spoken by a Chinese person

  • You can choose one of two pronunciation levels to work at and to be assessed at.

website screens_Page_7

Speak the Chinese yourself

  • listen to your own pronunciation of Chinese
  • have your own Chinese pronunciation independently graded

website screens_Page_6

Test your long-term memory with the Self-test Randomizer

  • Choose three topics

Self-test screens_Page_1

  • Start the self-test

Self-test screens_Page_2

Keep a record of your progress

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