East, west, north and south here’s a right good mix of words, phrases, uses

  • older ones that granny knows ~ airt, dominie, jaw box
  • newer ones that kids go for ~ mintit, heavy, radge
  • events, places, people ~ Culloden, Jacobites, Morningside, Up-Helly-Aa
  • verses from Auld Lang Syne, Flower of Scotland
  • food and drink
  • and how to pronounce things

all you’ll need for Scotland today

written by Catherine Brown, Sophie Cadell, Fiona Jardine, Domhnall Uilleam Stiùbhart, Birgit Wagner and Peter Terrell

illustrated by Elfreda Crehan

160 pages, 160×110, black & white line drawings, £6.99 ISBN 9781904737247

Sample pages